Cesta Finance

How you can benefit from Cesta Finance

How Cesta Finance Works
There are two different ways for you to benefit from Cesta Finance:
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    The first way is to invest into the underlying investment strategy. If you go to their website and invest into our strategies, you are looking at ROI ranges from around 10% APY to over 100%.
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    The second way is to hodl Cesta tokens. Cesta tokens are basically taking bond sales and revenue generated through index funds - the investment strategies. So those would give you a bond to a token. And if you stake it, you can easily generate a 6-digit APY on your stake token. Basically the same as Olympus and HectorDAO model but better, with a sustainable token model with actual yield-generating assets. Cesta token essentially becomes one big DeFi index funds, and token holders enjoy all the same benefits with the additional staking rewards.
In summary, every CESTA token holder can reap the benefit of yield-generating index farms of DeFi 1.0 while enjoying the extraordinary staking APY, thanks to the Olympus DAO token model of DeFi 2.0.
The combination of these two maximises the capital efficiency therefore giving token holders higher return over the long term.